Ettiene Market

Ettiene Market Wood Conditioner


"A dab'll do ya" is all you need to have buttery soft accouterments with Ettiene Market's Wood Conditioner. 

Coryanne loves using this on her wooden treasures and furniture because it is high in saturated fat content making it slow to oxidize, and therefore resistant to rancidification.

Start with a clean and dry wood surface, then using a clean cloth apply the oil evenly across the wood.   Allow to soak into the wood for 24 hours. If there is any excel oil, dab dry with a clean cloth. Just like your skin, wood gets damaged when it is washed frequently. If you love your wooden treasures, keep them dry, oiled and well used.  

Ingredients: Made with Organic Fractured Coconut Oil. MTCs are not great for your digestion - do not consume the contents of this bottle.

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