Marius Fabre

Natural Marseille Soap


Natural Marseille Soap 7.1 oz. 

Made of vegetable oils, free from artificial colourings, fragrance and chemical products, our cube of white Marseille soap is recommended to wash all textiles gently, in particular delicate items (baby clothes, fragile fabrics…). It is also very efficient on resistant stains. 

Oleic sunflower oil, an oil with many qualities

  • A variety of sunflowers very rich in oleic acids
  • A composition that is very close to olive oil, therefore very kind to the skin
  • Rich in Omega 9 and vitamin E, oleic sunflower oil is a natural antioxidant
  • A more sustainable oil
  • A French and European origin
  • The seeds of this sunflower are entirely refined in France, 200km away from Salon de Provence.

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