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Vintage Silk Sari Necklace - Jade

$90 $130

You have seen Coryanne wear these for years in her pictures and videos and have asked where you can get your own.  Well now we are so happy to be able to finally bring them to you!  We love how lightweight they, like smooth clouds resting on your shoulders, and how slipping one on over a simple T-shirt and jeans can take you from casual to outstanding in one quick tie of silk.  We hope you love them as much as we do. We have a feeling that before you know it, you'll want one in every color.  Happy Wearing my Darlings!

These six strand necklaces are truly wearable art.  Each one is handcrafted by a group of women in a small workshop in Delhi.  They source vintage silk Sari’s, then cut out any damaged areas and cut them in long strips.  These strips are then sewn together to form long tubes and filled with wooden seed prayer beads.  Each tube is coiled and tied around each bead to keep it fixed inside the silk and then the strands are picked for color and strung with six strands on each.  Each necklace is made laboriously with time and love and is a unique and individual piece.  No two are alike. 

Material: Silk Sari, Wooden Prayer beads, thread.

Length:  Length is adjustable.  The ties are long to allow you to wear it high on your collarbone or draping lower across the chest. 

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