Smithey Ironware 8" Cast Iron Chef Skillet


Smithey's 8" Cast Iron Skillet is designed to be your daily cooking companion and functional design piece to impress guests. Its smaller shape and curved interior sides promote movement and flipping, while the longer handle keeps your hands further away from heat.

This skillet is ideal for cooking sides, smaller meats and the perfect fried egg.

Because you will use your Smithey Ironware forever, we spare no expense in packaging this thoughtful, enduring, and artful cookware piece.

Smithey cleaning instructions are included with each Smithey purchase. This product pairs well with Ettiene Market's Cast Iron Soap and Cast Iron Oil.


Extended length handle
Curved interior walls
Naturally non-stick
Pour spouts
Holes on both sides for hanging
Satin-smooth polished finish


Diameter: 8"
Depth: 1.6”
Handle to handle: 15" 

Handmade in South Carolina

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