Smithey Ironware 14” Dual Handle Skillet


Smithey’s newest 14” Dual Handle Skillet is a generously sized cooking companion designed for family feasts and mindful cooking. From roasting game birds or grilling a dinner’s worth of vegetables over a charcoal grill, food cooked in the No. 14 Skillet can feed the whole neighborhood. It’s that roomy.

While all items in Ettiene Market’s cast iron collection works on electric and induction stove tops in addition to gas stove tops, we recommend that you use the largest burner size available. If your electric range is on the smaller size, we suggest pre-heating the No. 14 Skillet in a hot oven to bring it up to temperature before cooking on the stovetop.

Because you will use your Smithey Ironware forever, we spare no expense in packaging this thoughtful, enduring, and artful cookware piece.

Smithey cleaning instructions are included with each Smithey purchase.


Large cooking surface         
Dual ergonomic handles     
Deep 25” side walls
Similar care as cast iron
Naturally non-stick
Pour spouts
Holes on both sides for hanging
Satin-smooth polished finish


Diameter: 14”
Depth: 2.4”
Handle to handle: 17”
Cook surface: 14”                                                                                                  
Weight: 10+ lbs

Handmade in South Carolina

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