Sir Madam

Sir Madam Tea Towel - Market Table


The American dish towel originated from the prudent re-purposing of used cotton feed sacks. Our Sir/Madam Tea Towels are the equally durable, traditional English tea towel. They're made from 100% pure linen to avoid surface lint when drying delicate glassware and cookware, making them a practical gift choice or beautiful art piece.

Individually printed using silk screens, the towels are cut from running yardage that comes off the loom with selvage sides before they are hemmed by hand.


  • Corner tag for easy hanging
  • Thin linen material
  • Hand-screened and individually printed

Ideal for:

  • drying delicate bar glassware, china pieces and large cookware items
  • table or oven decor
  • framed wall art
  • hostess or foodie gift basket
  • wedding or housewarming event registries

Material: 100% pure linen

Size: 28" (L) x 18" (W)

Color: Oyster White with Black print

Care: Machine washable; tumble dry ("no heat fluff" setting)

Made in India

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