Rose Extract Mask


When you’re in need of a rapid boost of skin hydration and glow, it’s time for the Rose Extract Mask. With extract and oil of sustainable harvested Turkish Damask roses, this Rose Extract Mask reduces visible signs of skin fatigue and replaces it with a glowing, more rested, and refreshed look. It works as an adaptogen to help combat the skin’s response to stress, which can make it dull and tired. A clinical study using 1% Rosality (in a cream) found under-eye circles were reduced over 20% after 28 days.

Aloe and RoseWater soothe and comfort irritated skin while drawing water in the skin to keep it hydrated. Rose Extract Mask deeply hydrates the skin, improves skin roughness, and is great for traveling or for those living in dry climates. Different applications include anti-fatigue, anti-stress, radiance/glow, and spa care.

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