Indoor Horsehair Broom



Indoor Horsehair Brooms are great for cleaning and grooming. The dense tuft of horse’s tail does not create a static charge and the bristles adapt to any surface. It effectively removes dust, sand and dirt, leaving no dust bunnies behind.

Do not push the broom with force, but pull it to retain the integrity of the brush.

  • Materials: oiled Beechwood broom stick handle and horsehair broom
  • Size: 28.5 cm in length
  • Care Instructions: wash the horsehair with warm water and a mild soap solution; rinse thoroughly; comb out particles and hang to dry

Pair with our Dust Pan.

Made in Germany

*Due to the fragility, shape, or size of this item we cannot offer shipping at this time.  Please come visit us in store or select curbside or delivery.  Thank you for understanding.

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