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Palo Santo Room Spray


Surround yourself with the smell of holy wood, no matches required. We can't get enough of this invigorating, heady scent around our houses, cars, and when entering in a new space. This is the essence of distant lands and frontier dreams. This scent was debuted in Round Top Spring 2022 among the wildflowers and cowboy boots. 

Explore our Palo Santo family of incense, wooden sticks, and smudges. And of course joie-filled ways to display them in lanterns, soapstone, shells, and stoneware

To use: Mist onto soft furniture, rugs, use as a car spray or as a rejuvenating body spray. Use on your favorite linens warm from the dryer so the the scent will stay with you  through all your lingering mornings.

Ingredients: Palo Santo Essential Oil, Distilled Water and Witch Hazel 

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