Noble Black Truffle Oil, 100 ml


One of the easiest ways to take a dish to the next level! Black truffle oil is primarily used as a finishing oil, as opposed to a cooking oil, as heat will taint its flavor. It is best when used sparingly as a drizzle over foods, as its flavor is deep and pungent. From salads, to pasta, mashed potatoes or simple scrambled eggs, it’s a transformative ingredient.

The Noble line of truffle preserves are crafted in the Mountains of Northern Italy by a 5th generation Italian truffle dynasty committed to harvesting only the most fragrant truffles in the world.

Noble truffle oils are made using fine Italian olive oil infused with black truffle. The smooth and mild golden olive oil acts as the perfect vehicle to deliver the pungent flavor of black truffles. Black truffle infused olive oils allow the earthy notes of the black truffle to shine through, instantly adding luxurious flavor to any of your favorite dishes.

Care: Do not store product exposed to direct sunlight.

100 ml. of lusciousness

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