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Liber & Co. Passion Fruit Syrup


A Coryanne top five pick:

"I’m not one to reach for sweet things but this syrup is my summer go to.  I add it to fruit salad, sparking water, ice tea, ice cream, and gelatin mixes.  And I’ve not even started on the happy hour drinks that are made irresistible with just a dabble do ya like my summer favorite, Topo Chico, Passion Fruit, fresh lime and a splash of rum.  Cheers to your health!"

Passion Fruit Syrup is the key ingredient in your new favorite cocktail.

Yellow passion fruit from Peru is pressed and blended with pure cane sugar in this essential tiki syrup. The natural punch of tart passion fruit shines through, and we add a touch of gum arabic for body and viscosity.

Our Tropical Passion Fruit Syrup is a natural complement to rum, but it's also highly versatile with other spirits. Try it in a boozy Hurricane or the gin-based Saturn.

Ingredients: Cane sugar, passion fruit Juice, gum arabic, benzoic acid

Made in Austin, TX

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