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Incense Bundle - Palo Santo, Set of 3 Wood Sticks and 3 incense


 Palo Santo sticks have been used by shaman and medicine men and women for years in sacred ceremonies. Most commonly, they’re used for smudging, cleansing, purifying, healing, and as incense or tea. Bonus: they're perfect for clearing the air after cooking a smelly dish.

How to use your Palo Santo Wood Sticks: Hold the end of your Palo Santo Stick under a flame until it ignites. Let burn for approximately 10-30 seconds. Gently fan or blow out the flame and let it smoke as you smudge. After you are finished cleansing, place sticks in a fire safe bowl and let it extinguish itself. May be used multiple times.

 How to use your Palo Santo Incense Sticks: Hold by the wood end and with a flame, light the other end until it ignites.  Let burn for 5-10 seconds.  Gently fan or blow out flame and let it smoke as you smudge.  Place in an incense holder, a bucket of sand or a potted plant.  


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