Tea o Graphy

High Desert Sage Tea


Deeply aromatic and comfortingly reminiscent of flavors past, this tea warms you all the way to your toes.  Its created with flavors we all know and love but in a new and inspiring way.  Fill your cups darlings and prepare to be wrapped up in a cup of comfort. 

Redolent of the sweeping mesa vistas, sky-stretched sunsets melting into the horizon, and the sweet-smelling fragrance of sage after a fresh desert rain.

Ingredients: organic sage, organic cassia cinnamon, organic peppermint, organic Dutch lavender

Caffeine free

All tea.o.graphy blends are carefully handcrafted with a special focus on organic & fair trade ingredients.

  • Hand dried
  • Non Radiated
  • Woman Owned Company

Each package contains a 1oz. portion of loose leaf tea. About 14 servings

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