Tin Roof

Hickory and Pecan Cutting Board


Don't be fooled, this solid Hickory and Pecan Cutting Board isn't just for show. Incredibly well-crafted to stand the test of time, these boards are just as well-suited for daily food prep needs as they are for displaying charcuterie boards that would impress Martha Stewart herself. Made from Texas wood, each board will vary slightly from the next and that's just the way we like it. 

We recommend a quick and simple care routine to keep your board looking and working great for years (and we mean YEARS!) to come. Bi-monthly, or more often if frequently working with meat, wash the board with Cutting Board Tonic, allow it to completely dry and then apply a thin layer of Wood Conditioner over the entire board setting it aside to let all those glorious oils sink in for 24 layers.

You've might have noticed we're big fans of wooden utensils around here. Explore our durable and sustainable spoons here, an herb stripper that will save you  next Thanksgiving, and wooden hands to decorate with at will.

 Made in El Campo, Texas

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