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Natural Hand Dried French Lavender Bouquet


A Tatyana top five pick:

“I love these dried flowers because they smell so amazing, add some charisma to my home and it is so hard to find great quality dried flowers”

We adore these 14" dried French Lavender bundles.  They bring a lovely calming scent to any room and look beautiful in a favorite vase.  We also use them for gift wrapping, insect deterring, sachets, sleeping soundly and freshening our drawers and closets. 

Insect deterrent
Try leaving some dried lavender buds or bunches near open windows to stop them coming in.

Drawer freshener
Dried lavender will bring a linen-fresh scent to your clothes. Just leave a lavender bag in each drawer or the airing cupboard, and squeeze regularly to refresh the scent – this releases the natural essential oils from the buds.

Sleep aid
Try keeping a relaxing lavender bouquet on your bedside table or add blossoms to a sachet under your pillow for a good nights sleep. 

To make a Sachet: Fill an empty fabric bag or decorative paper envelope with a handful of dried lavender to freshen small spaces.

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