Hairbrush- Maple Bristle


A Hannah Top Five Pick:

“This brush is so amazing! It’s small enough to fit in a purse and never leaves any frizz or static behind. It’s a wonderful retro item that looks beautiful in your bathroom  and leaves your hair tangle free.”

Our small, olive wood hairbrush is perfect for travel or for those who prefer a smaller brush.

Made from waxed olive wood, distinctive by its natural, characteristic markings enhanced by the waxing and polishing process and which make every brush unique, it is set with 6 rows of straight, flexible, hornbeam maple pins. Good for all hair types but particularly good for long, curly or thick hair, it measures 17.5cm long and has a contoured, narrow, block handle.

Wash hairbrushes in warm, mild soapy water, rinse thoroughly then dry out naturally away from direct heat sources. Never leave wooden hairbrushes to soak in water.

 Handmade in Germany 

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