Ocotillo Botanica

Chaparral Desert Skin Oil


Have you ever been in the desert when it rains and the whole place fills with that sweet, clean smell? The Chaparral Desert Skin Oil captures this magic and drenches your body in soothing and moisturizing lusciousness. This oil combines power-packed Chaparral with cooling lavender + tea tree essential oils for an extra antimicrobial punch in a super-moisturizing blend of olive, coconut, and rosehip seed oils. 

Alexis Smith, founder of Ocotillo Botanicals found her love of plants as a child rummaging around the forests of her East Texas home for mosses and mushrooms and everything in-between.  That love continued to grow into what it is today, a steady herbal practice in the heart of the Chihuahuan Desert in West Texas.  She is a medicine woman creating magic through plant medicine and we are so excited to be carrying her line of Skin Care.

2 oz.

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