Bali Lash

Organic Reusable Bamboo Cotton Pads


Darling you're beautiful just the way you are, but when it's time to whack on some red lipstick or slather on the sparkles there's no better way to end the day than by gently cleansing with these effective and gentle reusable bamboo cotton pads. One side has fluffy fibers for sensitive areas and removing eye makeup and the other side is scrubby terry cotton fabric for removing face makeup, face masks, applying cleanser and toner.

These bamboo pads will be the cutest workhorses in your skincare routine. Designed to absorb less product that traditional throw-away cotton balls and machine washable for hundreds of uses, you've never looked better creating less waste.

Now the truly important question, is it time to bring back the blue eyeliner yet? 

The Details - each tin comes with 8 organic reusable bags and a woven laundry bag


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