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Amish Cake Tester


Toothpicks are the standard thing to use when testing cakes and other baked goods for doneness. They are something that just about everyone has in their kitchen and they are reliable. But there are occasions when you might want something longer than a toothpick to test the doneness of a bundt cake or other deep baked good. These are situations when a piece of an Amish cake tester might come in handy.

This handmade broom is made for testing the doneness of cake, a throwback to days when people used pieces of straw – not toothpicks – to test their baking. The broom is made of corn-husk straws, and to use it you simply break one off and stick it into your cake. Each of the straws is about 5-inches long, so you have plenty of room to get into just about any baked good.

Easily hang the cake tester on a hook or knob near your oven, or share this charming little gift with your baking buddies. 

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