Private Cocktail Workshop

Our private cocktail workshops are designed to soften your shoulders, teach you a few mixology tricks and give you the confidence to master craft cocktails using ingredients you’ve got at home.  Whether you are a Tequila fan, a Whisky aficionado or just want to play with your favorite bottle of Vodka, we create bespoke cocktail recipes designed around your tastes and your crowd.  Our 90 minute master class is a playful hands on drinking course that both teaches you to become a master mixologist, and creates a fun environment to learn in. 

No prior mixology experience is require just a love of a good time and a good drink.  What’s included in the $500 package:

  1. 90 Minutes of hands on mixology;

  2. 3 bespoke cocktails that we create based on your flavor profiles, and the event you are hosting;

  3. Instruction on how to muddle, shake, stir, rim, blend, fold, float, and craft your favorite drinks;

  4. All the ingredients needed for 3 cocktails;

  5. Cocktail recipe cards. 

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