Ettiene Market Curated Baskets

Corporate and private gift boxes make us happy.  We have delivered over 432 gift bundles in the last year, working with private service companies, non profit organizations and relators to create bespoke on budget gift bundles for their clients and service users that leave a lasting impression. 

We understand that these are your most precious connections so we wrap each bundle carefully with impeccable care and attention to detail, to ensure that when your gift is unboxed, it is the best thing to happen to your client that day. 

Gift baskets are curated based on your budget and interest from the following categories:

  1. Sustainable Goods

  2. Kitchen & Gourmet Goods

  3. Home Goods

  4. Self Care

  5. Bar Goods

  6. Baby

  7. Specialty Goods

  8. Bespoke Bundles

  9. Texas Themed

  10. Local Themed

You will work with one of our dedicated gift specialist who will help you craft your ideal gift box to ensure that it fits your budget, arrives on time and leaves the recipient both appreciative and impressed with your generosity.  To ensure that all gift baskets arrive before December 24th, we are not able to take corporate gift box orders after the 10th of November. 

Get started on your gift planning by telling us your name, email, organization, and about your gifting needs.