When I started Ettiene Market in 2015 I never considered where I shopped, or how those stores spent their profits or what their company cultural values were; I just shopped where I was drawn to, and hoped for a nice shopping experience.  These past few years have changed the way I shop not only for myself, but for the Market.  If like me, you appreciate transparency in where you shop, I hope our manifesto gives you a greater insight into who we are.   

For me, Ettiene Market is more than a place to shop, it is a community where inspiration flourishes, small makers grow and sustainability is coveted.  We value:

People Before Profits. 

Our leadership team all receive annual bonuses,  paid mental health and sickness leave, emergency loan options and paid personal time off, because work should not diminish your quality of life, it should improve it.  We implemented a “knock to shop” policy to keep our staff safe during the first outbreak of Covid-19 to ensure that we provided a safe place for our staff to work and our customers to shop, and maintained a strict mask policy despite the antimask harassment that we endeared. 


Diversity Driven & Equality Focused. 

We are proud to foster an inclusive environment for our staff and customers, and to have 16 vendors (and counting) who identify as minority owned businesses.  We not only have inclusivity written into to our code of conduct, we live it every day.  For example, our cheapest option is to buy goods from one particular national office supply company, but they do not align with our values, so we purchase goods at a higher price from someplace else to ensure that we keep our integrity intact. 


Eco Conscious.

In addition to the products we sell, we strive to work with companies who share our vision for sustainability in either product or ethos.  We repurpose 92% of received packaging material, 19% of our used office supplies and 5% of our vendor driven packaging.  Additionally, our community supports us in our recycled bag drive every January.  By donating their used bags, it allows us to reduce the number of  bags we buy ( and the money saved goes to support our staff with fun adventures like Trapezing, bowling and drinking in my back yard under the moonlight). 


Toxic Free. 

Shouldn’t everything we buy be toxic free?  If only it were that easy….  we only source chemical free, lead free, toxic free, and GMO free products.  And when we can’t find what we are looking for, we find someone to make it for us, like our beloved Chef Soap which cleans your hands naturally without all the bad stuff. 


Community Focused. 

From 2015 to 2019 we offered a free kitchen store to those in need, offering free essential kitchen goods to over 350 families in McKinney Texas.  In 2020 we began working with Mammogram Poster Girls, an organization dedicated to offering free mammograms to every person  in Dallas who needs one. We celebrate Pride month with charitable donations to organizations that provide housing to homeless LGBTQ teens and work with various DFW charities that embody our passion for inclusivity. 


Celebrate Female Entrepreneurs. 

29 female makers and counting, each one on their own path, making their dream come true. It was never meant to be a focus, and then I discovered that only 19% of the companies in the US are run by women, and the only way to increase that number is to create a place for women to thrive, welcome to Ettiene Market.  If you are a woman looking for a patch of grass to pitch your business, please reach out to us, we offer a complimentary sidewalk pop up to those businesses that complement Ettiene Market.