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Ettiene Market is a kitchen and pantry store located in the heart of Downtown McKinney Texas.  We sell stories that look like ingredients and kitchen goods favored by Coryanne Ettiene. But really…. When you bring them home, they turn into memories that make your life more fabulous, like small batch ingredients made by real people who are living their dream, and artisan kitchen hand tools that will become family heirlooms. And we stock specialty spices so amazing, you’ll want to build a new spice rack, and intoxicating bar tools that quench every thirst (building a spice rack is thirsty work). We have fabulous bakeware for people who like to bake, or at least look like they do, and white dishes because everyone should own a set of everyday white dishes. We also have irresistible kitchen linens that will make you touchy feely because Keats was right when he said that touch has a memory. Oh and we offer a wedding and gift registry service for everyone, including those who burn toast.

You can't tell a good story if you don't build good memories.  Here are some of our favorite stories:

Best Kitchen Accessory Store in Dallas:  The marvelous editorial team at D Magazine and D Home Magazine bestowed this honor to us in 2017. We would be lying if we said it was not on our wish list, but certainly not this quickly out of the gate.  Coryanne still grins like a Cheshire Cat when she is reminded of this great honor.  

Forbes National Main Street Finalist:  We were honored in 2017 by the editorial team of Forbes Magazine for placing us in the top 15 Main Street Stores across the US.  We were recognized for our #OverheardAtEttieneMarket tag, so really they were honoring our shoppers, not us.  

Charity Kitchen Pop-Up Shop:   We work closely with local McKinney Texas charities, charitable donors, and over a 100 local families to help create happy memories for those in need. This not for profit kitchen store is open to qualified families, and stocked with free kitchen equipment and cooking tools.  Donations are taken from January - March.  Please contact Coryanne for more information.  

#EttieneMarketEvents:   Our events sell out because we keep them small; mind you we tell ourselves it is because they are inspiring and fabulous.  Every quarter we update our events schedule to include seasonal Supper Club sittings, culinary lessons and hands on creative workshops.  Follow our tag on Instagram, or call the store for more information.  

Shopping Safari:  The Beach Boys had it wrong when they said that everyone should go surfing; what they should have said is shopping.  We like shopping. We like drinking. And we like winning, so we thought we would put them all together and invite our friends.  Every quarter Ettiene Market collaborates with local merchants downtown to create a night of shopping, drinking and prizes.  Check out our events page for the next Safari. 




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