Smithey Ironware 10” Cast Iron Skillet


A Coryanne Top 5 Pick:

“This skillet is used almost every day in my kitchen. Perfect for searing, toasting, and roasting almost anything the size means it’s not too heavy when lifting in and out of the oven but is still large enough for any large protein.”

This 10" Cast Iron Skillet is an ideal size for a small household or baker looking to create small cake, cornbread, or grill around a campfire, fire pit, or fireplace.

Smithey's 10" Skillet features all the essentials in a cast-iron skillet - pour spots, a helper handle for lifting with two hands, and our signature polished interior that's easy to clean and maintain. This is the first product Smithey manufactured, and it's a wonderful choice for those looking to try a new cast-iron brand or purchase a practical gift for a kitchen wizard.

Because you will use your Smithey Ironware forever, we spare no expense in creating a thoughtful, enduring, and artful cookware piece.

Smithey cleaning instructions are included with each Smithey purchase. This product pairs well with Ettiene Market's Cast Iron Soap and Cast Iron Oil.


Satin-smooth polished finish                                                                                  Ergonomic handle
Pour spouts
Holes on both sides for hanging


Diameter: 10"
Depth: 2”
Handle to handle: 16”
Cook surface: 9”

Handmade in South Carolina 

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