Badass Collective

Card - Personal Style


A coryanne top five pick:

"If ever there was a card that was made just for me, this is it. Those who know me know that I’ve never been one to mess about with long beauty routines or fret over a ‘lived in’ look; when I spotted this card last year I fell madly in love with the maker and knew that if there was such thing as a “Card Spirit” I’d found it.  Local, damn witty and says what we all think, this entire line of cards is meant to be shared and laughed with." 

A snarky card for your style-challenged friend or family member. From the Badass Card Collective. It's printed on white stock paper and paired with a neon color envelope.

Card is folded with a blank inside.

Cover reads: “My personal style is best described as there appears to have been a struggle.”

Orientation: Portrait



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