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Calendula and Neroli Facial Cream Concentrate



A luxurious facial cream concentrate containing antioxidant-rich herbs, oils and butters. Antioxidants fight against free radicals and environmental stressors that we encounter daily. 

Artisan small batch skin care handcrafted right here in Texas.  We are so proud to carry this line of products from Rosemary Hollow Farm and the Bohemian Shepherdess. If you're like us and love finding high quality, local products with sustainable organic ingredients than look no further.  

INGREDIENTS:  frankincense (sustainably sourced), calendula, plantago, rosemary, wildcrafted dandelion flower, dandelion root, distilled water, organic mango butter, radish root ferment preservative, sweet almond oil, organic argan oil, organic pomegranate oil, cold pressed grape seed oil, organic sunflower oil, organic avocado oil, organic jojoba oil, neroli oil

Size: 2oz


Calendula - a flower grown on farm. Moisturizing, anti-aging, and protective due to its powerful antioxidants

Frankincense ~ certified organic, fair trade, resin. Antioxidant-rich, anti-aging, regenerative, evens skin tone.

Plantain (plantago) ~ a nutrient dense plant grown on  farm. Moisturizing, reduces the appearance of pores, extremely soothing, lightens the skin.

Rosemary ~ farm grown, antioxidant rich, cleans the skin, protects against environmental stressors, anti-aging.

Dandelion ~ wildcrafted on farm. Antioxidant-rich, fights against environmental stressors, balancing, helps to create a protective barrier on the skin.


Mango butter ~ certified organic expeller pressed oil from the highest quality. Moisturizing, loaded with revitalizing vitamin a, producing a more youthful look, protects against environmental stressors, plumps the skin

Sweet Almond oil ~ expeller pressed and from the highest quality. Loaded with fatty acids, vitamin a and e. Moisturizing. Antioxidant rich. Protects against UV radiation.

Argan Oil ~ a pure concentrated certified organic oil that is cold pressed and unrefined. Rich in antioxidants. vitamin a and e, omega 6 fatty acids, linoleum acid. Moisturizing, anti-aging, tones skin.

Pomegranate Oil ~ cold pressed and unrefined organic oil from the highest quality. Deeply penetrating delivering flavonoids, punicic acid and other incredible nutrients to the skin. Antioxidant rich, moisturizing, anti-aging, fights against free radicals.

Jojoba Oil ~ certified organic, cold pressed and unrefined from the highest quality. Moisturizing, antioxidant rich, anti-aging, stimulates collagen 


Neroil ~ a true pure oil of orange blossoms found in Egypt. Promotes healthy complexion, anti-aging, promotes new cell growth, minimizes the appearance of pores. 

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