Red Cedar Hanger Disks- Set of 10


The natural pleasant aroma of cedar will leave your clothes and closet smelling fresh, while repelling those pesky moths. The best part? No chemicals are used! These cedar hanger discs are completely natural, so they're safe for your clothes, you and your family.

  • A tried-and-true method to repel moths
  • Place 2 to 5 cedar pieces per closet (make sure they're not covered by clothes); slips onto most hangers
  • In drawers or storage compartments, use 2 pieces (place them on paper, so the natural oils do not get on clothes)

 Moths are naturally drawn to clothes made with animal fiber, so wool, cashmere and silk need protection. These cedar discs are a safe alternative to chemical repellants.

Did you know…adult moths aren't the ones eating your wool sweaters? The actual culprits are their larvae, who love to eat clothing made with animal fiber, like wool, silk, and cashmere.

Helpful Hint: When the scent begins to fade, rough the wood slightly with sandpaper and they’ll be back to new.

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