Yes Cocktails

Smoked Old Fashioned Sugar Cubes


The perfect bar-cart accessory for a lover of intense and complex cocktails, these Yes Cocktail Co. Smoked Old Fashioned Sugar Cubes help you craft the perfect evening drink without leaving your house. Because the best place for great cocktails is wherever you are. 

How to make the perfect Old Fashioned: In a double old fashioned glass, muddle one cube with a shot of whiskey. serve with a large ice sphere and orange peel garnish. For those extra special occasions, muddle one sugar cube with 1 part whiskey and pour over 2 parts Champagne or Prosecco. 

Don't miss out on our original best-selling sugar cubes and Old Fashioned syrup. Invite some New Orleans flair to your whiskey drinks with heart dashes of Chicory Pecan bitters.


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