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Ettiene Market Granulated Honey Refill Bag, 1 lb.


Ettiene Market's Granulated Honey is created through a process called co-crystallization. The honey and sugar are added together in liquid form, then dried together. After these ingredients have been combined and dried, the finished mixture is broken up through "milling." What's left behind is our finished product: clump-resistant, granulated honey! We now offer our 1lb bag as a more sustainable way to keep you stocked on your favorite sweetener. 

Stir a teaspoon or two (to taste) of our delicious Granulated Honey into your morning cuppa coffee or hot tea for a special treat. Use as an equal substitute for white sugar brands (1 to 1 ratio). Makes an incredibly chewy chocolate chip cookie or banana bread loaf with just a hint of honey.

Weight: 1 lb.

Care: Granulated honey will not clump up like liquid honey. Store in a cool, dry area.

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