5 Way To Use Granulated Honey

Ettiene Market's Granulated Honey is created through a process called co-crystallization. The honey and sugar are added together in liquid form, then dried together. After these ingredients have been combined and dried, the finished mixture is broken up through "milling." What's left behind is our finished product: clump-resistant, granulated honey!
  1. To make your coffee or tea sweeter without an artificial or bitter aftertaste
  2. Substitute sugar (1 to 1 ratio) in your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe.. Be warned, you'll never go back to regular sugar again! 
  3. Add to butter and whip for an easy addition to warm toast
  4. Use to rim your glass for a sweet note in your favorite cocktail
  5. Sprinkle atop warm oats with your favorite granola for a delightful way to start your day